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The Inside Story: 5 Secrets To Pixar’s Success

Fast Company’s Co.Design shares an article detailing five principles that makes Pixar great. One favorite excerpt comes from #5:

When Pixar is evaluating potential hires they look for three traits: humor, the ability to tell a story, and an example of excellence. These aren’t unique qualities to assess in applicants, but how excellence is defined is not that common. It doesn’t matter what you are excellent at, just that you have reached a level of excellence. It’s important that you know what excellence feels like and what it takes to achieve it. It could be gardening, jujitsu, or cooking. The main thing is you’ve had a taste of excellence and will know how to get there again.

Pixar’s 5 Principle’s

  1. When It Sucks, Say So.
  2. Defend Your Opinion, Then “Hit Play Quickly.”
  3. Look Upstream for the Source of the Problem.
  4. Match the Medium to the Message.
  5. Hire for Excellence.

Head on over to the link to read them all in detail.